Every human has a unique and amazing personality. Each personality compromised on personal thinking, habits and hobbies. Hobby is the thing that anyone does for sake of pleasure. Hobbies vary from individual to individual. Some people love to carry swimming as their hobby, some like fishing while others like hunting as a hobby. Here, I would like to talk about hunting as a hobby by the people and things of their use during hunting. People full of energy and always looking for a thrill select hunting as their hobby. Hunting makes them perfect in aiming but also tell them how to remain stick to the goal.

Hunting is of many types depends on whom you are going to make a prey for yourself. Most common and popular hunting is the deer hunting. Where individuals move towards the places having deer with their essentials. If you also a lover of deer hunt then consider that information as your cup of tea.

There are various types of deer in Texas but I am diverting your attention to most commonly found three types of deer.


A type of deer mostly found in Western North America. Different countries set restrictions to the number of hunts of the mule deer. Usually, government of a country allows only two mules as a hunt


A deer with the antler emerging through the skin of the head. The antlers are in pairs and very hard. Hunter is only allowed to hunt a single buck deer.


The most special deer called as white-tailed deer. The government of different countries also set restrictions on their hunt. All just done to save their species from any danger.


Deer hunting season is different in different regions of the United States. In Texas, the hunting season starts from September to the end of the February. Deer hunting duration varies place to place and depends mainly on the deer population and their health with the addition of a number of hunters coming to hunt deer.


For every hunter, few and basic things are required to start hunting or hunting tour.  These are known as basic requirements by the hunter to fulfill a task. Now the hunting in Texas more feasible and interesting with all the facilities. If you are in a mood to enjoy the hunt. Just you need is to keep Your 5 essentials with you for an amazing hunt.


Before you move for hunting a deer, First thing you have to keep with yourself is a bag also known as hunting bag. It will help you to keep the following things with yourself. At the time of need you just have to open the hunting bag and get the required thing.  Here is the list of things which you easily place in your bag.

  • Water Bottle

It will help to overcome your feeling of thrust. Other benefits of water include hand rinsing, wash out injured area and much more.

  • Paper Towel

You can easily carry a paper towel with you in your hunting bag. It will help you to clean your wound if you got. It will help you in the case of dressing any wound and much more.

  • A Piece of Rope

If you want to fill your hunting bag with useful things then add a piece of rope. You can use it to get over a tree in case of any emergency etc. You can utilize it for everything from binds a dead deer to a tree so it won’t slide down a slope as you gut it, to bringing down your rifle from a tree stand.

  • Knife

A thing which should be the part of your hunting bag is a knife. It may be your helper in cutting anything else. Many people keep it in their pocket but some as a tool in their hunting bag.

  • Emergency Treatment Kit

An intelligent person is one who looks on both sides of a picture and as a safety factor keep the emergency kit with him. You can go for quite a long time without utilizing it, and afterward, sometimes you’ll require it severely. Check it toward the begin of every season to ensure that nothing needs supplanting.

  • Elastic Gloves

If you like blood everywhere staring you in the face, you can skirt this. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an open cut and get deer blood in it, you will likely alter your opinion after said cut gets seriously contaminated.

  • Saw and pruner

As the hunter way is full of troubles and difficulties so, keep a folding saw in your hunting bag. You will be able to use the saw in cutting bushes of the trees that create hindrance in your way.


Equipment you have to carry in your hand for your positioning is nothing else but a compass. It will help you to judge whether you are on the right track or stray. Yes, Global Positioning System can get you to inside a yard of where you need to go. The main advantage that compass will make you free from the tension of its charging as it runs manually. No charging, even no battery is required for its working. It works day and night without any fuel.

  1. Weapons

Hunting of deer is impossible without the weapons. Now, the question arises what should be the best as a weapon? Here is the answer you can use  bowscrossbowsriflesshotguns, handguns, and muzzleloaders as weapons. Hunting is becoming more popular with the use of muzzleloaders as it enables you to aim the deer from a huge distance. The chances of success in hunting increases, with the use of muzzleloader. Normally people use shotguns or handguns to take aim at their prey. They simply fire a bullet and achieve their aim.

  1. Flash Light/ Torches

While hunting you have to pass across different areas at different day timings. One thing you have to keep with you is the flashlight. It will make visible all the darken ways in woods. You can find required thing in hunting bad during dark. You can find your way in the forest in evening timings.  Just keep a simple, handy flashlight with you for making your hunting journey a memorable one.

  1. Matchbox or lighter

An important thing for a hunter is the match box or the lighter. In the case of cold breeze, you make a fire near your camp to keep yourself warm. It is also very useful in establishing an emergency fire in which hunter is calling for help from others. I convey waterproof matches, a start striker, and a butane lighter with a reasonable supply so I can make sure it’s full.

In the above text, I tried my best to make your packing the best with all the things of use. With all the 5 Essentials you make your Texas hunting as a memorable one. You will easily get your prey with all the things. You will be out of every tension as your hunting bag is full of required things.