Animal Care

Baby Scimitar Horned Oryx at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Gemsbok Antelope at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Axis Deer at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Buffalo with calves at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Red Stags at Cold Creek Ranch Texas

Our animals are more superior to other ranches because our animals are of the highest quality and are taken care of in the best manner. The animals are housed in a game fenced property with year-round live running water with protein supplements, corn, and mineral feeds. The animals are fed top of the line protein, alfalfa, mineral supplements, texture, and natural foliage.

Maintenance & Genetic Research

The Cold Creek Ranch staff is involved in everything when it comes to the animals. Daily duties include maintaining water tanks, feeders, and monitoring and taking care of the animals. Assessing property and varying stimuli in the habitat and performing needed corresponding maintenance and habitat variations is performed at well. Cold Creek Ranch staff members are trained in caring for the animals and are seasoned professionals with many years of experience. We strive for quality deer genetics and conduct research and varying scientific methods to attain this.

Cold Creek Ranch Featured Animals

Whether you’re interested in trophy Texas whitetail deer, breeder bucks and does, stocker bucks and does, elk, black buck, fallow, or axis—we have a wide variety of animals for you. To learn more about our whitetail deer and exotic animals, click on an image below. To set-up an appointment to see our wildlife for sale, contact us today.