Wildlife Management

Baby Scimitar Horned Oryx at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Gemsbok Antelope at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Axis Deer at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Buffalo with calves at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Red Stags at Cold Creek Ranch Texas

Cold Creek Ranch trophy whitetail deer and exotic animals wouldn’t be of the highest quality without solid breeding practice and genetic research taken on by our professionals. Cold Creek Ranch staff members have committed years of focus to study heritable traits and have applied quantitative research to formulate techniques that result in abundant wildlife that are of the most superior genetics. Our staff members have widespread experience in all matters ranching and have focused on the breeding discipline.

Dedicated Professionals on Staff

Our wildlife management is a success because our staff members apply ranching and breeding principles and assess the environment and continuously monitor the animals’ habitat. Our professionals have trained with the very best Texas ranch and wildlife consultants and have taken this knowledge into their own hands and added to this knowledge with their own research, to create ranch management that works—and keeps working.

Top Quality, Always

We do not settle for mediocrity at Cold Creek Ranch, we perpetually research and advance our ranch management services and breeding process to provide only the best whitetail deer and exotic animals in Texas. When procuring an animal from Cold Creek Ranch, you can be assured that you have the highest quality animals that will optimize your deer population.