Premier Buck Straws for Sale

Cold Creek Ranch is excited offer premium buck straws from “Affirmed”:

  • DNAS# 261786
  • Boone and Crocket Score – 328″ at 2 years old
  • $2,500 per straw

In addition to “Affirmed” premium buck straws, Cold Creek Ranch offers breeder bucks and stocker bucks for purchase. Please David Humes, Ranch Manager, for pricing at (281) 667-8841.

Cold Creek Ranch is a Tier 1 Breeding Facility. Our whitetail deer for sale were bred from the best bloodlines in Texas. Cold Creek Ranch has trophy breeders and stocker bucks that are of average, above-average and trophy sizes.

Our wide variety of whitetail deer are unlike those at other ranches because our whitetail deer are of the highest quality and inhabit an accommodating environment with around-the-clock care. The animals are housed and fed in a game fenced property with year-round live running water with protein supplements, corn, alfalfa, mineral supplements, texture, and natural foliage.

Cold Creek Ranch staff members have many years of experience in the breeding process and are involved in all aspects of the property and animals. Daily duties include maintaining water tanks, feeders, and monitoring and caring for the animals. Assessment and maintenance of property, cultivation, and varying habitat conditions is completed daily. Cold Creek Ranch staff members are trained in veterinary work and are skilled professionals with copious experience. We strive for quality deer genetics in our whitetail deer and exotic animals—and we do not settle for any less.