Breeding Process

Baby Scimitar Horned Oryx at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Gemsbok Antelope at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Axis Deer at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Buffalo with calves at Cold Creek Ranch Texas
Red Stags at Cold Creek Ranch Texas

Cold Creek Ranch professionals have spent years researching traits and features from generations of whitetail deer, elk, blackbuck, fallowaxis and more. As a result of this this passion and commitment, our team has assembled the most effective, thorough practices around, resulting in some of Texas’s most beautiful animals. Our attention, research, and the importance that we place on breeding fundamentals is what distinguishes us among other Texas ranches.

Bred by Passionate Professionals

Cold Creek Ranch personnel have extensive backgrounds in ranching and are passionate about the breeding process; most staff members have been around whitetail deer and exotic animals their entire lives. We research, practice, and take care of our animals to the highest quality. Our Texas ranch staff is enamored of ranching, nature, wildlife, veterinary approaches, and breeding and place the highest principles on genetic concepts and breeding methods.

Continuously Advancing Wildlife

​Our team was trained by consummate Wildlife Consultants and Biologists who gave our professionals techniques and a solid foundation on groundbreaking breeding approaches and knowledge on wildlife management and breeding. Cold Creek Ranch professionals took this knowledge into their own hands and propagated their skills into formulating their own scientific research and methods with inheritable genetic research and resulting offspring.

Purchasing our high quality animals will enhance your wildlife population perennially and make significant improvements to your nature habitat, stocker buck pens, or breeder buck pens.